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Recruiting for professional Training/Licensing schools and companies seeking professionals is our speciality

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Training Referrals                                              Career Counseling 

• O.S.H.A.                                                                                                   • Security Guards
• SECURITY                                                                                             • Janitors/Porters 
• C.P.R.                                                                                                         • Concierge 
• FOOD HANDLER                                                                             • Construction
• HHA                                                                                                          • Home Health Aid

About Everguard Consulting Services 

EverGuard Consulting Services  is located in the heart of the greatest city on earth, New York City. We Offer Marketing, third party recruitment, and consulting services for mainly  companies seeking license professionals and Professional Training/Licensing schools in industries from Security Guards, Bartending, Realestate, and Building Maintenance. We are second to none when it comes to Recruiting and marketing for your organization.   We have  unmatched marketing strategies and recruiting tactics that can take your firm above and beyond.  Clients who have used our services to its fullest potential have succeeded in keeping class rooms filled, and if you are a company seeking professionals we help you get the right licensed individuals for the Job.  Everguard Consulting Services is not an employment agency. But we do provide placement assistance as a courtesy for individuals who have recieved licenses from referred training centers.

At E.G.C. Services , our clients are provided with an array of tools to maximize exposure and lead to great results. We are committed 100% to customer service and value all of our clients. Regardless of what the client is seeking, E.G.C.  will exceed expectations. 
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Your consulting needs met in one place. 

Marketing and recruiting
  1. Recruiting for licensing Schools and Employers of major Corporations
    All schools who offer professional training and occupational licenses, EGC SERVICES can provide marketing and recruitment for your business. Also, for all employers who are seeking licensed and trained employees to work for your organization, EGC Services can Pre-screen potential candidates and recruit qualified candidates for your organization.
  2. Career Counselling
    EGC Services can provide individuals with job training, resume writing, employer referrals, and how to perform on interviews.
  3. Professional training/Occupational Licensing Referral Services
    EGC SERVICES can provide individuals with Security guard training/licensing referrals, OSHA Training/licensing referrals, Food Handling Licensing, Bartender Licensing, and real estate licensing referrals.
Just Imagine the Possibilities by just giving E.G.C.  a CHANCE to HELP YOU.
  1. Security training class
    Security training class
  2. Janitor
  3. Front Desk Security
    Front Desk Security
  4. Security Guard
    Security Guard
  5. Lobby Security officer
    Lobby Security officer
  6. Front Desk Attendant
    Front Desk Attendant
  7. Add Your Title Here
    Add Your Title Here
  8. Housekeeping
  9. Waitress/Food handler
    Waitress/Food handler
  10. Real Estate Agent
    Real Estate Agent
  11. Bartender
  12. Corporate Security Officer
    Corporate Security Officer

Our Client's Testimonials

Jose Hernandez

Monique Marine

Alice White

I decided to use EGC Services because i was desperate for a change in employment, a new career. Because of EGC's impeccable referral services. I am now a New York State License Security  Guard/Front Desk Attendant  earning $17.00 per hour with benefits i am also in a union.  If you are looking for a career these guys can help you.
                                                                Jose Hernandez.

I was seeking a Front desk job. EGC assisted me with getting a Secuirty guard and fire guard license. Once i recieved my licenses they referred me to a few top companies in NYC and i landed a job paying $19.20 per hour fulltime employment . THANK YOU EGC SERVICES.

                                                                 Monique Marine.
EGC Services are very reliable and professional organization. I obtained both my food handling license and Bartending license thru them. They also help me find employment. 

                                                                            Alice White.